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Aluminum foil Aluminum foil

SNTOlight gauge aluminum foil

Aluminum foil packaging, health protection

Do you know where is the aluminum foil in the package?
First layer — Plastic:
Block water vapor, protect the printed surface. It is the adhesive layer of the overlapping part, including top and bottom of the package.
Second layer — Paper:
Provide sufficient stiffness and stability for the whole package. It is the printing layer.
Third layer— Plastic:
Adhesive layer between paper and aluminum foil.

Forth layer — Aluminum foil:

The core layer of food preservation.

It resists water, oxygen, light, bacteria and maintain the flavor of the contents. It is recyclable with good thermal performance, strong plasticity and oxidation resistance.
Fifth layer — Plastic:
Adhesive layer of aluminum foil and the innermost plastic.
Sixth layer— Plastic:
Block the contents and prevent their penetration. It is the adhesive layer of interior longitudinal and horizontal heat seals.
Take milk box as an example

Forth layer — Aluminum foil:

The core layer of food preservation.

It resists water, oxygen, light, bacteria and maintain the flavor of the contents. It is recyclable with good thermal performance, strong plasticity and oxidation resistance.
SNTO aluminum foil
SNTO, the world's leading light gauge aluminum foil manufacturer, is committed to promoting the upgrading and replacement of the food packaging material and helping food companies to provide consumers safer and more reliable healthy food. Our aluminum foil industry has created a new record of energy-saving and stable manufacturing in the world. Our products are sold well in many countries and regions around the world with its short process and high quality.
Partner for the upgrading of packaging enterprises.
Our standard specification products could improve production efficiency, shorten lead time and save customers' time and cost. We provide you better quality, faster delivery and lower cost products.
Partner for the upgrading of food enterprises.
Aluminum foil packaging could resist bacteria and lock water with its antioxidant and good thermal conductivity property which could greatly extend shelf life and preserve food original taste.
Partner for building enterprise brand:
Focus on R&D innovation and help enterprises build first-class brands with the best product solutions.
SNTO focuses on producing
aluminum foil.
Aseptic packaging solution

For milk, tea drinks, fruit and vegetable juice packaging, etc. The application of aluminum foil in such products effectively extends products shelf life and freshness time, so that people can drink fresh beverages at home.

Flexible packaging solution

For retort pouch food, nuts, snack, candy, seasoning, betel nut, etc. Aluminum foil has strong plasticity and exquisite printing effect, which can improve our life quality.

Tobacco packaging solution

For high-end tobacco paper backing and cardboard. Aluminum foil, with its superior barrier, moisture and mildew proofing properties, prolongs cigarettes storage time.

Leading values
Economic perspective
Making food sales better

high-end exquisite appearance, improved added value of food.

Making food production easier

easy to print and form, high lamination efficiency.

Making food tastier

strong barrier and shading, reducing preservative addition quantity and prolonging freshness lifetime.

Environmental perspective
Aluminum foil packaging can be recycled which is helpful for environmental sustainability
Aluminum foil packaging consumes minimum materials with less environmental impact.
Aluminum foil packaging can keep long time food freshness with less food waste

Only 1.5g aluminum foil is needed in a 28g composite packaging which could store and transport 1L milk over months without refrigerating. 

Value-added services
Problem solving solution

integrate expert resources such as design, packaging, food, scientific research institutions, and provide solution to customers problem.

Consultant marketing

provide lean management guidance to help customers reduce cost and increase efficiency

Electronic instruction

shoot aluminum foil products advantages video and user manual, so that customers can experience the one-stop service of purchasing SNTO aluminum foil.

Fast delivery

Standardization of products: Standard specifications ensure fast delivery. Customers do not need to stock separately. Zero stock could significantly reduce capital occupation.

Efficient logistics: Combine self-operated logistics with internationally well-known logistics to ensure safe and punctual delivery by real-time monitoring during transportation.

Fast delivery
Excellent quality

Stable quality: 6mic aluminum foil has better flatness, less pinhole(quantity ≤ 200 pcs/m2) 

and good performance (elongation ≥ 2%) which is suitable for 800 meters/min high speed production. 

We achieved 43 million meters continuous production without web breaking and improved composite efficiency by more than 2 times.

Standardized management: SNTO self-produced continuous casting coil are used to ensure quality from source. 

With "five standards and ten steps" zero defect quality management mode, 

we realized standardized management of the whole production process. 

Excellent quality
Low carbon emissions for environmental protection

The short-process continuous casting coil production process completely replaces direct casting one protecting green mountains and clear water with less energy consumption of per ton of aluminum and fewer carbon emissions.

Low carbon emissions for environmental protection
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Industrial promotional film
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