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Building-upgrading solutions Building-upgrading solutions

SNTOaluminum formwork

Make houses more comfortable, easier to build, and more saleable

Accommodation is a necessity for people.

From the caves and nests of wood in ancient times to numerous high-rise skyscrapers in modern society,buildings have carried our infinite desire for a better life.

The building formwork, which forms the "skin and skeleton" of the house, not only directly relates to the quality, cost, and benefit, but also greatly affects the global ecology and living environment.

After four generations of wood, steel, bamboo, and plastic formwork, the new fifth generation of aluminum formwork appears, which will provide the best green solution for urban construction for human beings.

Evolution history of five generations of building formwork
First generation — Wood:
huge material loss, large construction waste, poor construction quality, and extremely low cycle rate.
Second generation — Steel:
high cost, heavy formwork, easy to corrode, and difficult to recycle.
Third generation — Bamboo:
long splicing time, great difficulty, poor construction quality
Fourth generation — Plastic:
low strength, weak stiffness, high price, hot expansion and cold brittle, easy to age.
Fifth generation — Aluminum:
lightweight, stainless, recyclable, making buildings excellent, fast, and economical.
New-Generation SN.M-2.4 System
New-Generation SN.M-2.4 System

The AL TRAVELER aluminum formwork system is a new generation of SN.M-2.4 system developed by SNTO for 8 years after 7 iterations, 

which has been further improved in terms of formwork strength, quality stability, installation efficiency, recyclability, and compatibility compared with the former six generations of the aluminum formwork system. 

It can be widely used in standard residential projects, changing the traditional screw system reinforcement method, and solving defects such as inconsistent wall thickness, hole plugging, seepage, and hollowing.

New formwork with good quality
good vertical leveling can eliminate the need for plastering
saving about RMB 250,000 in concrete and repair and sanding costs for each building
It's the first choice of high-quality projects
Fast delivery of the whole industrial chain
As a large intelligent manufacturing
base with greater circulation and large production scheduling
SNTO's delivery is more than 1 time faster than the peers with accurate control capability of the whole industrial chain
Complete solutions and excellent pulling-on pieces
SNTO provides a complete solution for basement/residence/office building/installation training.
The installation efficiency is 20% faster than the screw system,50% faster than the wooden formwork,
saving the overall cost by more than 15%
The basement of SNTO Peony Barge in Meixi Lake
a project awarded the "Hunan Two-Type Building Demonstration Project", the UN's "World Habitat Award"
and the first commercial complex basement constructed with aluminum formwork.
The basement of Sunac Park in Tazihu, Wuhan
Sunac's "Double Excellence" and Provincial Observation Project,
China's first aluminum formwork project with pulling-on piece system applied in the basement, commercial podium, office building, an
Basement solution


① The aluminum alloy formwork is rigid enough. The single top of the buckle is stable. The safety performance is more than 10 times higher

② The customized products are installed by the factory, without on-site processing. The installation efficiency is 50% higher than the wooden formwor

③ It can be recycled and produces no garbage. Once formed, its quality is equivalent to the residential buildings, saving a lot of grinding and repair costs by eliminating the need for plastering
Wuhan Poly Era
Top one in the actual measured area of all projects of Poly Real estate
Changsha Lugu Star
China Construction Engineering Luban Award
Changsha China Resources Land Square
Ranked first in the inspection of China Resources Group
Wuhan Jindi Zizaicheng
Ranked first in the inspection of Jindi Group
Wuhan Jindi Xiongchu
Ranked first in the inspection of Jindi Group
Zhuhai Vanke City Center
Vanke Guangzhou-Shenzhen Quality Demonstration Project
Huizhou CR Park Lane Harbour
First of the measured area in South China and top 4 around the country among projects of China Resources Group
Residence solution


① Pulling-on piece ensures that the wall thickness is completely consistent, and saves about RMB 100,000 grinding and repair costs per unit compared with the old formwork

② The steel parts are 12 tons lighter in weight and 2,000 less in pieces. The installation efficiency is 20% faster than the screw system, and 50% faster than the wooden formwork

③ It saves about 30,000 penetration screw holes without plugging to eliminate potential seepage
High-rise in Africa
"Signature Tower", the new administrative capital of Egypt
Zhuhai Hengqing Grand Mixc
Undertaken by China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd., it is the first project of super high-rise pulling-on piece system in China,
attracting observation of more than 200 delega
Poly West Coast
the first pulling-on piece project with a standard story height of 4.5 meters in Hunan
Office building solution


① The pulling-on piece system is better formed without crack, which saves RMB 200,000 in grinding and repair costs compared with screw system and wooden formwork per building

② The steel parts are more than 40 tons lighter than the screw system. The installation efficiency is 1 time faster than the screw system and more than twice faster than the wooden formwork

③ It saves 80,000 penetration holes without plugging to eliminate potential seepage
Installation training


① SNTO outputs the installing technology to help the customer train the installation instructor, meet the standard in five days and provide on-site instruction materials

② After customers have their own skills, it would be more convenient, timely, and reliable for problem-solving, and more comprehensive and timely for problem prevention

③ SNTO provides 24-hour remote professional consultation guidance, as well as on-site service if complicated.
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Industrial promotional film
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