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Now on CCTV! TVC of Shareal's Reinforced Aluminum Foil with Titanium Shows how it Reforms the Freshness-keeping Market!


Wrapped in silver, it is enchanting.

It makes the refrigerator in the kitchen shine.

On February 1, 2022,

The brand new TVC of Shareal's reinforced aluminum foil with titanium made a debut

on two golden channels

of CCTV-1 and CCTV-2!

With the guiding power, influence, and credibility of authoritative media,

Shareal began to officially promote itself as the Brand of the Year in 2022!

High fresh-keeping effect × anti-bacterial black technology

A "new revolution" on food preservation in the kitchen is coming!


For a long time,

Chinese families have developed

a fixed mindset about food preservation.

For food that can't be finished,

people usually tear off a piece of plastic wrap,

wrap it and put it in the refrigerator.


what lies behind this apparent "convenience"

is a hidden danger.


For one thing,

the plasticizer in plastic wrap is harmful to the human digestive system.

It can cause cancer, impose adverse effects on the growth of children,

and weaken the immune system of people.

For another,

the refrigerator is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Plastic wrap can only keep bacteria from coming in.

It does not inhibit the growth of bacteria inside.

Without a proper anti-bacterial method, freshness keeping is all for naught!


With a focus on food safety and health,

people are starting to look for a whole new way to keep food fresh.

SNTO launched a new brand —

Shareal reinforced aluminum foil with titanium

which is an alternative to plastic wrap.

It subverts traditional food keeping and redefines the concept of fresh-keeping!