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Working Together for Innovation and Realizing Win-win Cooperation — SNTO Launches the 2022 Supplier Conference

On March 14, SNTO launched the 2022 Supplier Conference themed on “Working Together for Innovation and Realizing Win-win Cooperation”. Representatives of suppliers from various fields such as machining, packing materials, steel products, and oil products gathered in Wangcheng County to review the cooperation achievements of the past year, enhance communication between supply and demand, build consensus on development, so as to realize mutual support and win-win cooperation and make every effort to promote the development of the supply chain of SNTO to a new level.


At present, with the change of times and the spreading of the rampant COVID-19 pandemic, the world has entered a period of turbulence and change. The global supply chain system is facing multiple changes, which brings great challenges to enterprise operation and management. Fortunately, with the support of suppliers through timely response, on-time delivery, emergency supply, and effective cooperation, SNTO has developed steadily and made remarkable achievements in quality, category, and efficiency creation.


Sharing experience and working together for innovation through topic research


SNTO has always been committed to continuous improvement during its development process of over 20 years. It has created many high-value solutions in terms of quality, efficiency, standardization, and Chinese character coding, which have obvious effects on enterprises’ cost decreasing and benefit increasing and management improvement. Its widely acceptable “Five Standards and Ten Steps” zero-defect quality management model has created a whole process of standardized production and enabled SNTO to win the honorable title of “National Quality Benchmark Enterprise”.



Representatives of relevant departments of SNTO delivered experience sharing reports on topics such as R&D of Chinese character coding, the “Five Standards and Ten Steps” model, and cases of the quality responsibility system at the conference, helping suppliers to develop better, faster, and more stably. In addition, SNTO restated the cooperation requirement of “Quality First”, gave priority to suppliers with continuous quality improvement, and helped suppliers to establish an internal quality management system to improve management, reduce costs, and improve management level.


SNTO also released the “strategic R&D topics” at the conference, hoping to establish a community of shared future with partners that “researching topics and sharing achievements together”, so as to integrate intellectual resources, link core capabilities, cooperate in solution development, and share the fruits of success.


Building a win-win supply chain ecology through value recreation

The 14th Five-year Plan included the digitization of enterprises in the special development plan and the 2022 Government Work Report also clearly stated, “(China will) implement the projects of ensuring and stabilizing the chains of leading enterprises, and maintain the stability of supply chain and industrial chain.” SNTO has actively responded to the national call and made every effort to promote the strategic transformation from the conventional manufacturing industry to the service-based manufacturing industry. It has entered the e-Commerce market, built platforms, and provided solutions to realize the integrated development of online and offline.



Nie Xiaodong, Board Director of SNTO, said,

“Nowadays, the competition in the world is no longer the competition between individual enterprises, but the competition between ecological chains. SNTO has always hoped to establish a mutually beneficial, high-quality, simple, and credible strategic partnership with excellent suppliers who share SNTO’s business philosophy, so as to complement each other’s advantages with better products, excellent services, and honest cooperation, expand and promote the common business development platform, and build a win-win ecosystem for cooperation.”

In order to achieve fair and honest transactions, create a win-win transaction environment for all parties, achieve good quality, on-time delivery, and affordable costs, and link relevant parties such as logistics, warehousing, finance, and service providers to work closely together, SNTO will build a supply chain platform integrating “centralized purchasing mall, management of bidding and tendering, sharing center, solutions, supply chain finance, and industry information” to discover, collect, explore, integrate the information and data in the chain to help all parties develop in a high-quality manner.


Joining hands and embracing new development opportunities together

In recognition of the contributions and assistance made by suppliers to SNTO’s development, SNTO also presented four awards to excellent suppliers of the year, namely, Best R&D Award, Best Quality Award, Best Service Award, and Best Collaboration Award.



In addition, in order to better solve the problems of quality and delivery time and cope with the increasing demand of raw and auxiliary materials procurement volume in a stepped manner, Ge Youfan, Head of the Procurement Department of SNTO, said, “SNTO will strengthen communication and cooperation with all partners and accelerate ideological transformation in view of the problems existing in 2021. SNTO will make continuous optimization and improvement in six aspects such as collaboration service, plan management, improvement of logistics, choice & cooperation, performance management, and cultivation and support, promote the standardized, all-purposed, process-oriented, and informationalized development of materials, and forge ahead with the time.”


In the future where the competition and challenges will be doubled, SNTO sincerely hopes to share new opportunities with its partners, reduce costs, make continuous improvements, improve product quality and customer satisfaction, and continue to maintain mutual trust and communication, so as to work together for innovation and realize win-win cooperation.