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Aluminum Formwork manufactured by HKS, to ensure good, fast and material-saving construction

Professional teams for R&D and design, processing and manufacturing, and on-site installation as well as professional operation and management system can ensure all steps of the project are controlled and controllable; high technology and management level can ensure smooth and clean concrete surface with thin plastering, to reduce the cost; comprehensive after-sales service will be provided to solve various problems within 48 hours.

Statistics show that pollution caused by construction takes up 34% of the total pollution and construction waste accounts for 40% of the total human waste. The annual construction area in China is about 4 billion square meters, and casting 50% of elements with aluminum formwork can preserve 700,000 hectares of forest and reduce 1 billion tons of construction waste.

Social Value

Green Architecture:high-quality construction, environmental protection and energy saving, cost reduction

The heavy timber consumption in urban construction leads to excessive deforestation, heavy contamination by construction waste and serious damage to ecological environment. The wide appliance of aluminum formwork system makes the construction process better, quicker and more efficient. As the best option for urban construction, the aluminum formwork system is in accordance with China’s ten new policies for the construction industry , low-carbon emission reduction and green construction technology

HKS construction technology co.,ltd. is one of the world's leading construction formwork technology companies, devoted to promoting the transformation and upgrade of construction industry and providing green solution to urban construction. The company has national-level technology research and development platform, constantly conducting R&D and innovation in the design, manufacturing, installation, recycling and standardization of new-type construction formwork. So far, the company has built cooperation relationship with the leading real estate and construction enterprises and won high praise from customers for its high quality products and service.

Customer Values

Good quality:industrialized construction, verticality and smoothness above industry standards.
Good service:optimized design, solutions provided to help the customers as soon as possible.
Short lead time:20 days for formwork design and manufacturing.
Fast speed:2 days for a standard floor and 3 days for the first floor.
Process-saving:no need for extensive plastering, free formwork hoisting, no trash pickup.
Investment-saving:total cost lower than traditional methods.

“Invincible army” for Installation

Standard operation with installation procedures strictly following the standard operating cards, to avoid useless actions and improve efficiency;

Clear and unified operation standards, to ensure good construction quality and save final-period cost;

Militarized management for the whole process; requirements such as “Nine Prohibitions” for installation, standards for internal affairs, marching on the way to work/back home from work, and “five settings and six meetings” must be met to ensure safety construction and improve the on-site management image;

Professional installation team with the largest scale in China; industrial workers will receive training before going on duty; they can provide customers with efficient and high-quality installation service with their proficient skills.

Service Pioneer

Standardized service and professional clarification will be provided; the problems of the customers will be solved within 24 hours. Quick response and quick handling; small problems will be solved before existing overnight; for big problems, closed loop of 48 hours will be established for problem solution, with the customer satisfaction reaching higher than 98%.

Professional installation guiding services will be provided, including: training for installers, technical disclosure and site instructions. Assistance will be provided for installers actively to help them solve the difficult problems encountered during mould construction.

The Company established standard formwork moulding system which can provide the secondary mould matching service for the second use of the mould.

Services such as value-maintained buy-back, old-for-new service, refurbishment of old moulds, and mould purchasing will be provided

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