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Food safety:Our Aluminum foils can effectively avoid secondary pollution and metamorphism of food.

Food safety is closely connected with human health. Aluminum foil has the unique advantages of being bacteria-free, moisture-proof, recyclable and keeping food fresh. It is the best packing material;As the world's largest light gauge foil R&D and production base, we are devoted to promoting the upgrade of food packaging industry to help the food enterprises provide safer and more reliable healthy food;First-class raw materials are used for stable production of 0.005mm-0.02mm thick aluminum foil in batches; the products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions; refined quality management and control is implemented for the whole process to ensure that all indicators of the products can reach the international advanced level; the delivery cycle of the products will not be more than 25 days and the percent of qualified products will be higher than 99.7%.

Product Specifications

Thickness mm 0.005-0.02
ID mm 76.2150.0152.4300.0
Width mm 200-1660450-1660450-16601200-1660
Maximum OD mm 460800800850
Alloy 1235/8079/8111

Technical Support

Our Company owns technology research and development platforms such as nationally recognized enterprise technical center, national level testing center, post-doctoral scientific research station, and Central South University-SNTO Science and Technology Institute.
It has established the research and development team led by national academicians and management experts enjoying State Council Special Allowance.
By now, it has undertaken more than ten projects of the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and provincial special scientific research, applied for more than 1000 patents in total, with the industrialized application of more than 90%, and participated in the development and modification of dozens of national and industrial standards.

Since its foundation in 2007,SNTO Aluminum Foil Company adheres firmly to the working principle of ”high standard,strict management and building first-class”.With our persistence in self-dependent innovation ,we have become the leading brand for light gauge foil for thickness below 0.007mm.
Now SNTO possesses the largest production site for light gauge foil in the world. The site covers about 1093000 square meters with over 1000 employees, and the annual output for light gauge foil is around 200,000 metric tons. Our products are exported to over 70 countries and regions all over the world.
As the leading enterprise in the production of packaging foil of China ,SNTO takes an active part in its responsibility to its employees , society and environment.

SNTO strictly follows the international labor regulations to focus on security and health of employees and has passed the SMETA 4-Pillar audit.

SNTO regards environmental protection as our own duty and commits to the usage of clean energy and the promotion of production of production efficiency,thus decreasing the GHG emission.

In order to control the risk of purchasing,SNTO group builds up a strict standard and process for the selection of suppliers,and evaluates our suppliers regularly.

In the meanwhile,SNTO establishes an IT-based system of purchasing and supplier management to ensure the bidding process fair and open.

Product Advantages

Product series