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First-class Products

Many patents have been obtained for equipment and technologies; defects such as sub-surface blowhole, surface shrinkage and slag inclusion are efficiently eliminated through the strict control on the process of R&D and production; the black line defect rate of electronic aluminum bars is lower than 1%.

Standardized operation: Higher product qualityImported equipment: First-class key indicatorsMore series of products: Applicable to more projects

Product Advantages

Alloy of Series-6 and 7 optional
Our Company has strong alloy research and development capability, capable of independent research and development of circular ingots made by Series-6 or 7 alloy and with different compositions, inherent quality and performance according to different requirements.
The composition deviation will be controlled within 0.02%
Key equipment and consumables are all imported; the content of melt hydrogen can be stably controlled under 0.12ml/100g-Al; key indicators such as alloy composition and hydrogen content of finished products have reached the first-class level.
The rate of finished products will be higher than 95%
The circular ingots have smooth and clean surface, without structure defect; the grain size will be the first grade and the average grain size will be controlled to be about 90μm; segregation <1mm; their quality has reached the first-class level at home.

Product Specifications

Circular Ingots
Alloy of Series-6 and 7 is mainly used
Diameter: 100mm、120mm、127mm、152mm