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Stable quality:Standardized management, quality raw materials, and advanced equipment

The Company implements the standardized management system strictly and carries out standardized management of the whole process from technical benchmarking, product R&D, raw material selection, production process control, quality management, and planning and scheduling, to warehousing and logistics.
SNTO self-produced cc foil stock will be used to guarantee the quality from the source.
International first-class imported equipment such as mill control system, splitting machine, doubler, and grinding machine has been introduced.

Product Advantages

First-class Quality
The products have neat end face, bright and clean surface, uniform composition, and low hydrogen content, without structure defect. The surface quality and internal composition are industry-leading. The pinholes of the cast-rolling light aluminum foil products will be no more than 200/m³, with the large pinhole size less than 0.1mm and the elongation higher than 3%, which can meet the requirements for the quality of high-end aseptic package, cigarette foil and fin stock.
First-class Management
Dust-free management is carried out on the site; reproduceable standardized management system has been established.
First-class Service
Best products and services will be provided for the customers; the delivery period will be controlled within 7 days; we will undertake responsibilities unconditionally for our own problems.


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