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Metallization of Cases:attractive appearance, durable, environmental-friendly with good heat radiating performance

Traditional shells are made from low-end materials and are less protective to inner components with bad heat radiating effect, limited design and poor hand feel.

The metal shells are exquisite, colorful, shining and durable with innovative appearances, becoming a dominant trend among electronics.

Focusing on aluminum alloy shells for high-end electronics, we are devoted to developing high-end, lightweight and thin electronic and electrical products.


shells of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

During the development of new projects, we will carry out refined management and control on mould, extrusion and quality inspection; qualified sample can be delivered within 7 days so as to minimize the project period; quality management and control system for indicators such as piebald, black line, material mark, and different colors of the outer parts are established; the whole process from alumina and casting rod to the extrusion production and oxidation validation can be traced back and managed to control the percent of defectives within 2%.