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Efficient and energy-saving:efficient radiation, light weight, long lifespan, low cost

Traditional radiators are small-sized, less effective in heat radiation, highly energy-consuming, heavy and polluting with many welding lines and bad appearance.

We are dedicated to producing more efficient, durable and light weight radiators for mechanical and electrical products to enhance energy efficiency and energy-saving and environmental-friendly performances.


mobile communication base station,household appliances, CPU cooler,photovoltaic inverter,etc

We have various series of extruding machines (10MN-75MN); the maximum size of the products can reach 740*80 and 660*200, and the maximum weight per meter can reach 57kg/m; management and control on mould, extrusion and quality inspection will be carried out; products with small section (less than 25MN) can be delivered within 5-7 days and products with large section (more than 36MN) can be delivered within 15-25 days. We have professional mould design team; maximum slenderness ratio of 22 has been achieved.