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Upgraded equipment, brand and profits

Lightweight “aviation compartment” tanker, full bearing structure design, less dead weight, higher safety performance, and guaranteed oil transport quality, which improves the economic and social benefit of forwarding agent of hazardous chemicals

Draw on advanced design concepts and technologies of aviation, high-speed railway and passenger vehicles, establish professional R&D and design team, and impel the transportation of equipment for hazardous articles to enter into new lightweight era

Use patent extrusion SN350 for hazardous articles transport vehicles, one-step extrusion forming, unique application at home; use 5182 plates to ensure higher strength of tanker body, elongation is over 20% higher than common domestic plates

Product Specifications

Overall dimensions(mm) 12750×2500×3900 12170×2500×3700 11800×2500×3700
Volume of the tanker body(m³) 49.8 42 46.5
Unladen mass(kg) 6600 6800 6500
Rated load(kg) 33400 33200 33500
Tyre specifications Single tyre425/65R22.5 Single tyre425/65R22.5 Double-tyre12R22.5
Medium Gasoline Diesel, gasoline,aviation kerosene Gasoline

“Capsule” is 3.4 tons lighter than steel tanker and can hold extra 3.4 tons of refined oil products, which improves the operating efficiency;

Resilient, Spark-free in collisions and safer during transportation;

Its complete aluminum body is resistant to corrosion to ensure the inside oil products are pollution-free. It has a lifespan of more than 10 years and with high scrap value.