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Lightweight and efficient transportation tools:light weight, high intensity, excellent processing performance, good energy-saving and environmental-friendly performance

Traditional transportation material is highly energy-consuming and heavy with low loading capacity and poor safety performance. We comprehensively promote the application of aluminum alloy in the transportation filed through systematic design, use of new material and intelligent manufacturing technology to advance the transportation equipment industry toward a lightweight era.

Our material has served Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 of the Changsha Metro as well as Line 3, Line 7 and Line 9 and Line 14 of the Guangzhou Metro, etc.Our project-oriented management team has assisted Tianli Auto in developing structural profiles for aluminum van trucks and tankers. The related products sell well both at home and abroad.


metro, lightweight vehicles, high speed ships

The development and supply of the products for projects including Guangzhou Metro Line 3, Changsha Metro Line 2, the west extension line of Changsha Metro Line 2, Changsha Metro Line 1, Guangzhou Metro Line 7, and Guangzhou Metro Line 9 have already been completed. The extrusions are manufactured through hot extrusion, heat treatment and one-step forming. Relevant personnel can reach the site of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute within 2 hours to provide problem solutions. Efficient delivery and thoughtful on-site services can also be provided.